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The Petrolsped Slovakia s.r.o. ( Ltd. ) company was founded on 30. June 2011. The company is owned by the Petrolsped Kft. ( Ltd. ) -  a Hungarian freight forwarding company in Budapest.

The Petrolsped Slovakia s.r.o. ( Ltd. ) company  provides its services under the Transport License number 1382/2011/L, issued by the Office of Rail Regulation in Bratislava, Slovakia. Rail transport started in February 2012.

Our company cooperates with private- and state-owned rail freight carriers in surrounding countries.  The company´s international RICS code is 3255 and its internationally registered VKM abbreviation is PSP.

On 1 January  2012 the company joined the General Agreement on the use of wagons AVV / GCU / CUU.

Main business activity of the company is providing railway services in connection with transport of goods by rail and of freight forwarding services. The company´s goal is to expand its business activities in Central Europe. Since the company has fulfilled the conditions for operation in Hungary, gained the Safety Certificate Part B, issued by the  Hungarian National Transport Authority (Nemzeti Fejlesztési Minisztérium), valid from 12 May 2017. 

On the 4.th  October 2016 our company received the Safety Certificate Part B, valid for the Czech Republic.

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